Jueteng or Globe Asiatique funds to fund counter-protest vs Koko?

Where will Miguel Zubiri get P8 million to collect the ballot boxes?

It was gathered by Dyaryo Magdalo that the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) has ordered Miguel Zubiri to pay at least eight million pesos (P8 million) to collect the 54,988 ballot boxes involved in his counter-protest he insisted obviously to delay justice to the people who voted for Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III.

The source, which is a group called “COMPACT,” said that after Zubiri manage to pay the P8 million, he will be ordered to pay P35 million more to pay the revisors or the persons to be deputized by the SET to manually examine each ballot in the precincts named by Zubiri in his counter-protest.

Compact stands for Compassionate Patriots for Accountability and Transparency. It is headed by Jun Aguilar as its president and Patrick Pantaleon as chairman.

The other members of Compact board are Berteni “Toto” Cataluña Causing, Linggoy Alcuaz, Dulce Cepeda, Leanna M. Ordoveza Pantaleon and Manu Alcuaz.

If Zubiri cannot come up with the money within the time frame given him by the SEAT, his counter-protest should be thrown away right away by the senators who are members of the electoral tribunal.

And if Zubiri failed, the people expect these senators to cleanse their sins. These senators are Ed Angara, Loren Legarda, Lito Lapid and Kiko Pangilinan.

Betrayal of public trust

It is recalled that when the previous congress was about to end on June 30, 2010, these senators, along with Senator Pia Cayetano, former Sen. Dick Gordon, Justices Antonio Carpio, Presbiterio Velasco and Teresita De Castro, were confronted by an issue of whether to declare Koko Pimentel the winner of the 12th Senate seat for the 2007 elections or allow Zubiri to have the examination of his other counter-protested precincts.

At that time, it was already established that Koko Pimentel gained a total of 257,401 votes from the precincts he protested, covering mostly the province of Maguindanao. This erased the 19,292 votes lead credited by the Comelec to Zubiri despite the massive evidence of fraud.

At that time, the first 25% of the counter-protested precincts of Zubiri gave him a gain of only 0.65 vote for every precinct.

The total number of precincts counter-protested by Zubiri is 73,265. The first 25% or the first one-fourth chosen by Zubiri to be examined first totaled 18,277 precincts. Thereafter, he gained a total of 11,948 votes or less than one vote for every precinct.

The question that time was: Was there a probability that the remaining counter-protested precincts of Migz Zubiri can overturn the 257,401 votes lead of Koko Pimentel?

COMPACT is in a strong conviction that while it was possible there was a virtual zero probability.

Justice Carpio passionately declared there was no more probability for Zubiri to overhaul the lead of Pimentel.

Senator Cayetano concurred with Justice Carpio.

In the distaff side, Angara, Legarda, Lapid, Pangilinan and Gordon ruled otherwise. They were concurred in by Justice Velasco and Justice De Castro.

Thus, it was a BIG SIN for these senators to vote to allow Zubiri’s counter-protest to continue even if it was already very clear he had—and has—no more chance of catching up with the more than 250,000 votes margin of Koko Pimentel.

Now, even assuming that it was correct that Senators who voted to give Zubiri a chance to examine his counter-protested precincts, they should not play around with the people again.

They must throw out Zubiri’s protest outright if he fails to pay P8 million to pay for the expenses in collecting the 54,988 ballot boxes.

Now, what would the SET do if Zubiri will ask for an extension of time to produce the P8 million?


Bigger story on money

After all the ballot boxes are collected, the SET will require Zubiri to pay about P600 for every ballot box to pay for the persons who would be deputized to manually examine each ballot.

COMPACT estimates that Zubiri will need to pay P35 million to count all these counter-protested 54,988 precincts.

COMPACT is wondering whether Zubiri would play cards with jueteng lords now needing allies in the Senate so as to alleviate the impact of the ongoing Senate investigation led by Blue Ribbon Committee chair Sen. TG Guingona.


If Zubiri will get this big amount from his pockets, will he not reimburse these from the “pork barrels” or PDAF (Priority Development Assistance Funds) allotted to the post that should have been occupied by Koko Pimentel?

COMPACT also sees a possibility that Zubiri may play around with Delfin Lee, the head and owner of Globe Asiatique that is now in hot water in the Senate for alleged fraud of collecting a total of P7-billion from the Pag-Ibig for houses allegedly built and sold to non-existing buyers.

Lee indispensably needs now an ally to help him against the heat of the investigations into the housing scandal involving Pag-Ibig funds contributed by members who are ordinary people.

It has been suspected by Senators Juan Ponce Enrile and Serge Osmeña that Lee’s company managed to get payments from Pag-Ibig by faking that the units he built were sold to a Pag-Ibig member.



In reaction to the story "Jueteng or Globe Asiatique funds to fund counter-protest vs Koko," Facebook users slam Miguel Zubiri for being thick-faced and greedy to stay in the Senate post that does not belong to him.

Some of these Facebookers are quoted here.

Jocelyn Madriaga said: "ano ba yan it´s all money matters na sa Pinas, hindi na ba mababago iyan sistemang iyan...paano na lang ang mga mahihirap na magproprotest?"

Jimmy Ibanez said: "ipaglaban natin c koko...para di masayang ang pinaghirapan natin kailangan makaupo c koko...migz sana mahiya ka sa milliong pilipino na nag vote kay koko isa na ako jan."

Jomer Bacaoco ‎emphatically said: "Aanhin pa ang Damo kung patay na ang kabayo" yan ngaun ang mamgyayari, matatapos na ang termino Zubiri saka ilalabas ang desisyon na panalo c KoKo Pimentel. kapal ng Mukha mo Zubiri..."

Adom Aguam Macarambon stated: "That's Philippine politics... Zubiri's counter-protest wont even be completed after his term ends. Sana tumakbo na lang si Koko last election for Senator. I'm sure panalo sana siya. Sayang... anyway, its his personal decision. Hope he can still win even with his father already retiriing in politics."

In reaction to Aguam's statement, FB user Jomer Bacaoco said: "panalo na po sa Senate Electoral Tribunal si Koko nag counter protest lang i2ng makapal ang mukha na si Migz Zubiri para ma delay ang pag upo ni Koko kasabwat ang mga senador na Trapo Sen. Ang Gara 'magmani obra', Sen. Loren Sinta, Sen. Leon Guerero (bakit kaya nanalo pa to), Sen. Kiko 'Mr Noted' Pangilinan (kinarma, hndi nakuha ang SP)"

Aguam rejoined to Jomer by saying: "@jomer: ang masakit ay parang buong pilipinas ang pinaparecount ni Zubiri... talagang delay ang pagkatapos ng petition. Normal strategy for winning candidates..."

Jomer followed up: "ang tanong saan mangagaling ang pambayad na 35M sa recount? sa pork ba niya, sa sariling bulsa o sa galing illigal! cgurado ang taong bayan hndi mangagaling sa sariling bulsa niya ang pambayad.

To this, Ibañez butted in: "‎@Jomer galing sa kaban.paputol ako buhok kng galing yan sa bulsa nya.megz puro ka lang dal-dal wala ka naman ginawa."