At last, Aquilino "Koko" Pimentel III is now a senator.

We thank NOT Miguel Zubiri but the Lord or Allah who touched the hearts of former Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) governor Zaldy Ampatuan and former Commission on Elections official Lintang Bedol for they finally came out to tell what happened with the rigging of the votes of Maguindanaons.

Zaldy and Lintang were not the key that compelled the usurper to relinquish the right that does not belong to him to begin with. The two merely added two more voices that finally made the total call finally tip the balance in favor of truth and justice.

This reminds us of Movie King Fernando Poe Jr. who himself was cheated of his right to sit as the 14th President of the People of the Philippines by means of rigging that included the zero vote he got in the same Maguindanao province.

The famous line of FPJ "Da King" is this: "KAPAG PUNO NA ANG SALOP, KINAKALOS."


I say without fear that Miguel Zubiri took advantage of the frailty of the Filipinos if only for him to look still good despite the defeat in the protest case filed against him by Koko Pimentel

Migz knew from the start that he had nowhere to go.

Rather than getting the biggest shame of the century if ever the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) officially declares he cheated in the 2007 elections, Migz artistically made an escape route by making it appear that he resigned but he did not cheat.

WHAT A THICK FACE! He knew from the start that the votes credited for him from Maguindanao was just manufactured. We certainly have no heart for the cheat!

Dyaryo Magdalo backs Koko's fight for truth

          Consistent with its language that is truth and spirit that is liberty, Dyaryo Magdalo has committed itself to fully support the spirited fight of the people who care for the truth to prevail and liberty to be respected in the protest case of Mr. Aquilino "Koko" Pimentel III. (Read more...)


          Ang kampanya para maiupo na si Koko Pimentel kaagad ay nag-aani ng suporta sa Facebook.
          Nai-post ng administrator ng website na ito ang petisyon sa Facebook wall nya nang hindi pa halos nag-isang linggo pero maganda na ang nagiging resulta. (Read more...)

Justice for Koko

People who believe in the voice of the people and justice for the people rally to demand the service of justice to where it is due.

Know full details of Koko's protest in slide show


To: The Senate of the Philippines

Dear Manong Johnny and all other Senators,

We, the People, earnestly want a final end to the bugling issue on who really won as the 12th Senator of the 2007 elections. The whole term of six years has been consumed by more than half and it is not fair to us, the People, for the man we genuinely elected to be prevented from serving us.

We understand the position of Mr. Juan Miguel Zubiri that in his belief he had to fight for the interest of the people and that he had to defend the Comelec pronouncement that he won.

We understand the insistence of Mr. Aquilino Pimentel III that he, too, won but that the truth was hidden by manipulations and strangulation to prevent the people’s voice from squeaking out of their lips.

But that was three years ago. Things have changed.

The cloud of doubt has disappeared substantially to make it clear enough for the message of truth to be seen: that Mr. Pimentel is the winner, after all.

This truth is more or less discernable in the results of the recount, or revision as they legally say.

When all the 2,658 mostly Maguindanao precincts protested by Mr. Pimentel were revised, it gave him a net gain of 257,401 votes, wiping out Mr. Zubiri’s 19,292 lead in the Comelec count.

Mr. Zubiri counter-protested. And when he did, he named 73,265 precincts in Metro Manila, except Taguig and Valenzuela, and in eight provinces.

The big number of precincts he named is very obvious as a killing-the-time tactic. This is because the time needed to count them all manually is longer than the less than three years left of the six-year term of a senator.

After the revision and counting of Mr. Zubiri’s pilot-test precincts numbering 18,277, constituting one-fourth or 25% of the total counter-protested ballot boxes, Mr. Zubiri got a net gain of only 11,948 votes.

This means that if the trend continues in the three one-fourths of 73,265 counter-protested precincts, the most gain that he can get more is 11,948 votes x 3 = 35,844 votes. And if this number is added to 11,948, the most logical gain Mr. Zubiri can get is 47,792 votes.

We all know that 47,792 votes cannot be more than 257,401 votes. From these figures, we all see that Mr. Pimentel’s lead as it stands now is insurmountable. We all know that it is statistically improbable to change the course of the truth.

In election contests, prima facie evidence or high probability of success is based on the number of gain per precinct in the initial tests.

In Mr. Pimentel’s pilot-test precincts of 664 precincts he got a net gain of 103,810 votes, or an equivalent of 156.34 votes for every ballot box, justifying the count of all the rest of the 2,658 precincts he protested.

In Mr. Zubiri’s pilot-test precincts of 18,277 he got a net gain of 11,948 votes, or an equivalent of 0.65 vote for every ballot box. Can we honestly say that this justifies the senators who voted to continue counting all the ballots, one by one, in the remaining 54,988 precincts?

These figures are clear enough to discern. We the people discerned this. Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio discerned this. Senator Pia Cayetano discerned this.

With the truth easily seen, we, the people, do not know why Senators Ed Angara, Loren Legarda, Lito Lapid and Kiko Pangilinan, then Senator Dick Gordon, and Supreme Court Justices Presbiterio J. Velasco Jr. and Teresita Leonardo-De Castro dared to rule that the rest of the 73,265 precincts counter-protested by Mr. Zubiri’s should be revised and recounted, ballot by ballot, when there is no issue it will consume all the less-than three years left of the term of the office concerned.

Why, when there is no issue there is no justification in their justification that 50% were found spurious in the pilot-test counter-protested precincts of Mr. Zubiri?

We have no more trust in those who were blinded by political greed and dishonesty.

We therefore cannot fathom why Senators Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan, Mauel “Lito” Lapid, Loren Legarda and Angara were reelected to the Senate Electoral Tribunal.

They have shown their bias against the truth once. They will show it again.

Thus, we demand that these senators who voted against the truth be removed forthrightly from the Senate Electoral Tribunal.

These senators, as well as the two justices, do not own the power they wield. We do.

If we now know the truth. Let those senators who respect it take over the SET seats.


                                                                               Respectfully yours,

                                                                      THE PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES

1. BERTENI "TOTO" CAUSING, President of Hukuman ng Mamamayan Movement, Inc. (HMMI), Tita Cory Movement
2. PATRICK D. PANTALEON, President of Compassionate Patriots for Accountability and Transparency (COMPACT)
3. CITA BORROMEO GARCIA, Chairman of Worldwide Filipino Alliance (WFA)
4. JUN AGUILAR, President of Partido ng Pandaigdigang Pilipino (PPP)
5. MANUEL ALCUAZ JR., of Tita Cory Movement and Management Association of the Philippines
6. ELVIRA MEDINA, President of National Council for Commuters Protection (NCCP)
7. DAVID BALANGUE, of Tita Cory Movement
8. EDWARD E. CHAN, of Tita Cory Movement
9. RICKY XAVIER, of Movement for Good Governance, Movement for HOPE
10. ANTONIO LLANTADA, of Tita Cory Movement
11. JET PARAIRO, of Tita Cory Movement
12. MARIA CRISTINA OCAMPO, of Tita Cory Movement
13. MILA O. MARZO, of WFA and Bacoor, Cavite
14. LOLITA O. FARMER, of Global Filipinos Australia
16. NELSON PAGUYO, of WFA and Overseas Filipino Council International


Even if fake ballots are added
to Zubiri's he can't still win
-- Justice Antonio Carpio

Electoral Justice

(Note: This article has been picked up from the website of Mr. Koko Pimentel,

     In the May 14 2007 Senatorial Elections the people overwhelmingly voted against the administration. It initially looked like a 9 to 3 victory with Koko Pimentel as number 12.

     However, when the COMELEC decided to canvass the Maguindanao votes, Zubiri was in the 12th position with 11,005,866 votes vs Koko Pimentel in 13th with 10,984,347 votes a difference of 21,519 votes.

On July 30, 2007 Pimentel filed a protest before the SET (Senate Electoral Tribunal) pinpointing 2,658 precincts in 44 municipalities and 7 provinces.
     Following  Rule 79 of the SET, Pimentel designated 664 precincts 25% of the protested precincts for the pilot count.
     The revised count in the 664 pilot precincts already gave Pimentel a net gain of 103,812 votes which already overwhelmed Zubiri’s 21,519 lead in the COMELEC canvass.
     At that point simple logic would dictate that Pimentel was the winner.
     The SET proceeded to revise the remaining 75% of the precincts contested by Pimentel at the end of which Pimentel’s net gain was 257,401 votes.
     If justice and reason prevailed in the Senate Electoral Tribunal Koko Pimentel should have been senator.
    However, Zubiri filed a counter-protest questioning the results in 73,265 precincts in 25 cities and provinces.
     This was clearly a delaying tactic. The Zubiri contested precincts are about 1/3 of the 224,682 total precincts nationwide.
     Zubiri’s justification for his protest was that in the areas selected only one or two administration candidates won.
     After nearly 3 years the revisions of Zubiri’s pilot precincts have been completed. Zubiri had a net gain 11,948 votes in 18,227 precincts a gain of 0.65 (less than 1) votes per precinct.
     In a midnight resolution dated June 4, 2010 the SET against plain common sense ordered that the remaining 75% of Zubiri’s contested 70,607 precincts be revised.
     A grade six student could easily say that this does not make sense.
     In the same resolution the majority made up of Senator’s Angara, Legarda, Gordon, Lapid and possibly Pangilinan with Justices Velasco and de Castro stated that there were more than 50% spurious ballots!
      Fortunately, we have Justice Carpio who dissented and computed that only 2.2% of the total contested ballots in Quezon City, Manila, Batangas, and Bulacan were spurious.
     Justice Carpio states,  “In Zubiri’s pilot precincts, consisting of 18,227 precincts, he was able to recover only 11,948 votes, subject to adjustments, translating to 0.66 average vote recovered per precinct. His projected total recovery is only 33,794 votes in his remaining 75% non-pilot protested precincts, or a total projected recovery of 45,742 votes in all his 70,607 counter-protested precincts.
     On the other hand, Pimentel’s net recovery in all his protested precints is 257,401 votes. Even if we deduct the number of votes contained in the fake ballots, Zubiri’s projected net recovery can not successfully overcome the net recovery posted by Pimentel.”
     Pimentel has filed a motion for reconsideration let us hope that the new members of the Senate Electoral Tribunal have a sense of justice and love of country, a little logic and a little arithmetic. And decide to proclaim Koko Pimentel as the duly elected senator.
     To waste more years counting Zubiri’s 52,000 contested precincts would be foolish and unjust!
     Justice delayed is justice denied, not just for Pimentel but for the Filipino Nation.